校园参与是全面大学经历的关键, and Lawrence has no shortage of opportunities for students to shape their community. If you’re looking to join the club—literally—start your search here! 


唯一的目的就是让学生参与进来, 学生生活中的事件是形成校园社区的关键. 此外还有各种周报 S.O.U.P. (大学编程学生组织)活动, 包括制作和与客串艺人互动, 亲爱的国外正规买球app官方版下载 student life events are held annually, like Blue and White Weekend, President’s Ball, and LUaroo.



Community Advisors (CAs) work full-time to create outlets for students to bond with their neighbors with activities like game nights, 去阿普尔顿农贸市场, 手提袋装饰会议, 还有更多.  全年都要留意来自CA的邀请!

探索住宿教育办公室 & 住房


CA Molly Ruffing '22 cooks s'mores in the Sage Hall fireplace with friends and residents.


有几十个学生组织供你选择, 每个人都致力于一个特定的兴趣和活动, 很容易找到适合你的俱乐部. 

从海上小屋到摇摆舞, 从休息俱乐部到社会公正组织, find your niche using the directory or hear from group leaders directly at the annual involvement fair.

Professional student organizations help students prepare for their post-graduation careers and bond with others on a similar path. Aspiring doctors, lawyers, writers, bakers—and the list goes on—become a member today!



Lawrence has a variety of student-led organizations, embedded in every facet of the campus community. 这些团体增强了学生的声音, 庆祝文化和身份, 并为探索提供一个发射台.


如果你想发声的话, try your hand at cross-campus communications with the campus paper. 作为国外正规买球app官方版下载的官方学生报纸, 在国外正规买球app官方版下载的 是学生新闻、观点、摄影和更多内容的枢纽吗. 


志愿活动提供了与同学交流的机会, 了解当地社区, 同时还能回馈社会. 有六个不同的服务区, 每个都有各种各样的程序, 你一定能找到你最适合的志愿工作.



小灵魂. Day of Service at Lawrence is an annual event that invites the entire Lawrence community to continue honoring the ideas of Dr. 通过学习、服务和共同庆祝来称王.


Student employment is a key outlet for getting involved with the campus community. 有很多工作可以选择. Some of the most popular include food service in the Commons, the circulation desk in the Seeley G. 马德图书馆,或者为通讯办公室写作. 



国外正规买球app官方版下载 Community Council (LUCC) facilitates real change on campus. Through the combined work of elected class representatives and appointed committee members, LUCC涉及大学生活的方方面面. From finance to student welfare, LUCC is a vital part of Lawrence’s shared governance. 



Playing a sport builds bonds across campus, regardless of your academic and professional interests. 成为休闲娱乐团队的一员!



It’s easy to associate wellness services with treadmills and counseling—and the 健康 Center does offer plenty of exercise equipment, 精神健康服务, and healthcare professionals—but participation in wellness activities can also be a great way to get involved! In addition to programs and initiatives geared toward a particular aspect of health and wellness, 健康服务 also hosts weekly group activities including yoga, 冥想, 还有排球比赛.


旅行 & 出国留学 

There’s nothing like a change of scenery to get to know your fellow Lawrentians in a new light. 白天去高崖州立公园,周末去 Bjorklunden, or international travel for an academic course—all these trips can help you get involved with your studies and classmates in a more hands-on, 独特的环境.


多样性,包容 & 文化资源

Our unique backgrounds and identities are key to shaping who we are as people and deserve to be nurtured in the university setting. 通过在 多元文化中心国际的房子,以及最近成立的 性别和性取向多样性中心, students can connect with classmates and staff who understand their experiences and can offer additional support. 同样, 精神和宗教生活办公室 connects interested students with options for exploring faith and spirituality.


有特定的兴趣或激情? Immerse yourself in it while connecting with other students who feel the same way by living in one of Lawrence’s 组的房子.  

艺术课是院子里的主食, SLUG house强调可持续生活和饮食, and Sankofa provides a shared space for students of marginalized identities. 这些只是目前的一些选择. 看不出你的兴趣? New affinity housing options emerge periodically or start your own. 



Greek organizations and members play a very active role on campus. 如果你想要更传统的, 以慈善为宗旨的社会团体, Lawrence has four fraternities and three sororities to choose from.  

两个专业兄弟会提供表演, 志愿者, 以及国外正规买球app官方版下载音乐家的社交机会, and Beta Psi Nu is a social sorority aimed at empowering women of color. 正式招募在冬季学期开始时进行, with informal admission occurring at various points throughout the year.



Lawrence students are an essential part of the wider 阿普尔顿 community. 充满活力的艺术, 音乐, 食物场景, 阿普尔顿 regularly presents a vast array of events that allow students to get involved with the rest of the town. 

For information on the city and upcoming events, check out the 阿普尔顿 downtown 网站 or Instagram.